Saturday, October 8, 2011


Little Man is a Blue's Clues addict. 

Most of his Blue's Clues are on VHS, mostly because I'm cheap and I can buy them at garage sales for $0.50 but also because it is hard to find Blue's Clues DVDs.  Nearly every Blue's Clues tape he owns (about 12) has a commercial for Peanuts movies in the beginning.  You know, Charlie Brown and Snoopy.  The ads are a few minutes long with a catchy tune and have brainwashed my son in to thinking he loves Peanuts.

After a few weeks with his Blue's clues videos Little Man points to the TV and says Peanuts dog, meaning Snoopy.  Except he didn't say the "t."   If you haven't already try saying peanuts with out the t.  That's right Little man was saying penis dog.  Awesome.

Since changing a 2 year old's mind works so well I tried to split up the word pea nuts.  He said it and I thought all was well.  Nope.  He keeps talking about penis dog.

Since my sister in law is amazing I told her about the way Little Man says peanuts and she laughed.  Considering his affinity for corn (porn as he calls it) she couldn't resist making Little Man say peanuts.  She even brought corn to dinner just so Little Man would say I love porn.

Fast forward one week:
So there we are on a street in from of a wing place and my fabulous sister in law is trying to record my son telling him to say peanuts and corn.  Penis porn he says smiling.  Luckily for Little Man's future the video didn't come out.  

My sister in law made an impression though and now, weeks later, he randomly says penis porn.  Luckily even our pastor finds it funny.

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