Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Keep Your Opinions to Yourself!

Recently Little Man and I had to take a trip to the post office.  I can't stand the post office!  Unfortunately, I sold some stuff on eBay and then my printer decided it hated me so I couldn't print the shipping labels.  Hence the need to visit the post office.

Little Man and I enter the post office and I remember why I don't like going there.  Only one person is working, 5 people are in line and it is dead silent, or at least it was silent until I entered with a 2 year old.

I needed to fill out forms and get a flat rate box for one order. 

Little Man decided to fill the silence with a little singing.  Really what's more fun when you're two than singing loudly in a room that echos. 

I hushed him but he told me "Mommy, I'm singing!"  I thought about it and decided that the post office could use a little cheer.
We stand in line longer.

Little man starts his rendition of Veggietales "If. You. Like. To. Talk. To. Amatoes! If a smile! I got a show for you! Buddy Tales, Buddy Tales, Buddy Tales!"

He sang really loud so I hushed Little Man again.  I didn't care if he sang I just didn't want him to yell.  He quieted down and continued to sing.  

Eventually we made it to the counter when I hear a lady talking.  Since up until this point the only person who has made any noise is Little Man I turn around.

A lady, who is wearing a matching track suit with her 9 year old daughter, is looking at an old lady and explaining that you don't know the situation and sometimes you can't spank a child.  What if he is a foster kid?

Suddenly I realize that this lady is defending me to the old lady! 

Old Lady:  Well in my day you took a kid outside and spanked them when they didn't listen.

Lady in Track Suit:  Well you don't know her situation.

Old Lady:  I don't care kids these days need to obey their parents.

Me to the lady behind the counter: Laughing.  Well now I'm just going to let him sing. :) I proceed to ignore Little Man while they argue

Lady behind the counter: puzzled expression. Do you want shipping confirmation?

I paid for my packages and left laughing. 

I wanted to tell the old lady that he was a foster kid or that he had some sort of disorder to make her feel bad.  Instead I ignored her completely.

Really, I never told Little Man to stop just to hush.  Even if he had been doing something wrong there is no way I would have gotten out of line to spank him.  If I did that I would have been at the post office for years!  

Old lady there are no rules about not singing in the post office.  Believe me I'm a rule follower.

Lady in the track suit thanks for helping a momma out!

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  1. Yay for the tracksuit lady, and for you too! Your little man is adorable.
    PS I put up your Porn In The Produce Aisle link on Reddit, with some luck it could go viral.