Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Texas, you amuse me

Since moving to Texas I have found several things that amuse me, or at least make me wonder.
  1. You can by season tickets to high school football!  If your from Texas you are probably thinking that your family had them at some point and this isn't odd at all.  Let me tell you it's weird, plain and simple.  I can see it if you kids is on the football team but other than that it's a little too Varsity Blues for me.  Seriously, you have nothing better to do on Friday night than go to high school football games?
  2. In Austin there is a street named Guadalupe, pronounce guad- ah- loop with a hard g.  If you pronounce it any other way, i.e. properly or even the white version of properly, no one has a clue what you are talking about and they will look at you as if you have two heads.
  3. There are people here that really believe California is going to fall off into the ocean with the next big earthquake.  I realize not all Texans believe this but the amount that do, or at least feel the need to tell me when I say that I'm from California, is astounding.  Seriously, take some earth science.
  4. Though I said I never would I catch myself saying y'all.  It's hard not too when everyone around you uses it.  Come on y'all I've been here 7 years.  
  5. Where have all the cowboys gone? I just found out that a cowboy is a real job.  This may be obvious but I had no idea that you could get a job as a cowboy.  Really how cool would it be to say you're a cowboy.  It'd be awesome.  Unfortunately, some of my hubby's friends busted my bubble this week by telling me that it's not as great as I dreamed and that cowboys get paid little and work way too hard.  It is a bottom of the barrel job.  You know they have to get girls when they say they are a cowboy though, so there are perks.
  6. College football is bigger than professional football. I think it's harder to get a ticket to a UT football game than to the Superbowl, unless you're a student.  When I tell people that my college didn't even have a football team they are shocked.  Really, what's college without football? Um, it's sorority life!
PS I love living in Texas, even if sometimes you make me wonder.

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