Monday, August 8, 2011

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Because I like randomness and becaise I like to know what's out there in the world when I need a little entertainment I like to go the next blog.  If you don't know what I'm talking about it's a button way up ont the top left when you are reading a blog powered by blogger.

I think the blogs are supposed to be somehow related do that you will find them interesting.  I've found a few gems by doing this.  Sometimes I read the blog, sometimes I skim, many times a move along quickly, and sometimes I just laugh.

Here's my last next blog experience with commentary of course.

I started out at a day in the life of the mrs (a cute blog written by a mom of 5 who never capitolizes.

Next blog>> Duncanville (lots of cute family pics.  Makes me realize I don't take enough pictures when we are out)

Next blog>> Tamis cancer kicking blog (line 1 "Before Tami passed away.."  That's all I need to know, next blog)

Next Blog>> Katie Malia (teen girl without much to say, pass)

Next Blog>> Alpaca Info (Seriously? There is a blog about alpaca.  It reminds me of the llama down the street from my high school in Orange County.  Totally random.)

Next blog>> Hope for Leo (Leo died.  Seriously?!  This is not as much fun as it should be.)

Next Blog>> Inspired Jewelry By Ann Burke (Really cute jewelry, mostly beaded.  She has an Etsy shop.  This could be bad.)

Next Blog>> Lagaz Design (Native American art meats Picasso)

Next Blog>> Country Mouse City Mouse (Cute.  Plus she's hosting a giveaway.  I'll be back)

Next Blog>> Feed the Fat Girl (By the title alone I think this is a blog for me.  After reading, I won't be back)

Next Blog>> LOL Manuscripts (Seriously funny illustrations from the Renaissance)

Next Blog>>History in the Raw (I love real history and this is a great blog.  Lots of interesting facts I'm following so I remember to go back.)

Next Blog>> Andando por el mundo (Que?)

Next Blog>> Fish School Blog (This is seriously about training your pet fish to do tricks1  There are videos and everything.  There is nothing new on here since December but I'm pretty sure that the info HAS to be good.  I think my goldfish Fred and Ethel are about to learn some new tricks.

With that I leave you.

Try out the next blog button sometime.  You never know what you'll find!

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