Saturday, August 6, 2011

Don't do it!

I love Ikea.  Enough so that I was willing to drive 3 hours to the one in Houston on several occasions before they built one a mere 1 and a half hours away.  I even drove there with my crazy old neighbor once, but that's a different post.

Since I was going to a party relatively near Ikea today I just had to stop by.

I pull into the parking lot and it is packed.  No problem I tell myself.  I mean really Ikea is a huge store.  We park fairly quickly and head for a cart.  Little man is still too small for their small town kids area so I put him in the cart.

I step inside the store and literally cannot walk.  There are people everywhere.  I love too people watch and if you read my last post you know that I can hear what others are thinking so this surely would be fun for me.  I started walking and suddenly felt like I was stuck in a rip tide.  I had to keep walking at the right speed.  Too fast and I hit the man in front of me.  He was obviously dragged there with his wife and was thinking save me from this torture.  I slowed down a little to check out a TV stand and the lady behind me looked at me like I had just beat her child.  Quickly I got out of the way and hid by some chairs for protection.

Eventually the crowd cleared and I continued on my way.  There were lost of couples designing and arguing over their dream rooms.  Most of the men were trying to find a chair in every area.  My favorite was all of the soon to be college students with their parents.

One mom and daughter were trying to figure out if a 12 inch platter was supposed to be a regular plate.
Mom:  Oh look at this plate. (holds it up)
Daughter:  That's glass.
Mom: No it's plastic.
Daughter:  That's a huge plate.  You want me to get fat?
Mom:  I don't think it's a plate but it's cute.
Daughter:  Mom, it's a plate and I'm NOT getting fat in college.
Mom:  You won't get fat and it's not a plate.
Daughter: ugh, mom. ugh. (storms off)

By the way, it was a tray and plastic.  I saw them a few minute later while the mom was trying to convince her daughter that she would need a toilet brush for her toilet.

I love people.

We headed towards the kids room area and little man got out of the cart to play.  He loved the slide but $149 is way too much for me.  Many couples were trying to decide which room set would "grow" with their child.  One pregnant couple decided that a princess theme would be best because a girl will always want to be a princess.  I have a feeling they will end up with a tomboy. ;)

Next was food.  Kids eat free at Ikea this month and I love Swedish meatballs so this was perfect.  It was packed but since it was $3 something for the two of us I didn't care.  We ended up sitting in the kids area which meant I sat in a wobbly kids chair about 1 foot off the ground.  There was a man doing it so I figured the chair would hold me.  Surprisingly I didn't fall.  I ate quick, put little man's leftovers in a box for him to eat in the cart and continued on my way.  We finished shopping and left with little incident.

I love Ikea buy there was way too many people. I highly recommend NOT going on Saturday.  I love people but it was even a little much for me.  Not nearly as fun and relaxing as most of my trips.

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